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The First Ring Mould!

The first ring mould has been made! Should be cured in a couple hours, this one is just a test to try out the silicone, since I just got it today, I haven’t used it before, but hopefully by tomorrow I can get a couple wax copies out to show you all what the final product will look like!

Thank you to all my donators who are making this possible, you are all incredible I’m im very excited to start working on your rings!

If you would like to support me, please donate $100 to get wonderful perks!

The perk package includes

- x1 Bronze or Silver Ring in your size, only available through this perk package, limited to the amount of people who back my business in these first few steps, based off of the design of the very first ring I made during my time as an Apprentice Silversmith, with an extra notch in it for flair

- Your name on my wall in a frame as a reminder to how I began

25% off coupon for your first order

- Potential backer-only designs specifically for you guys

- And finally a permanent 20% off on all future orders through your name

- Contact me for details at or by the form below.

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